Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Generation

31/12/2017 Reviews


Xiaomi’s interest in the appliance segment is evident, and now its new product arrives on the market: a robot vacuum cleaner that reminds us a lot of the well-known Roomba but that tries to offer its own differential characteristics. The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum stands out, for example, for its high level of interaction with the mobile phone. The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum robot, like most Xiaomi products, allows you to


29/12/2017 Reviews


Today we present a gadget a little different, but that is drawing the attention of the technological public. It is the QiCYCLE EUNI ES808, an electric scooter that comes from the hand of the Asian giant Xiaomi. However, it should be noted that Xiaomi is only an investor in the project, although most of the sales platforms add Xiaomi’s name to the article to attract attention. This scooter, with a

Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

28/12/2017 Reviews


The Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is a device that allows any sound device such as headphones, speakers, amplifiers, etc to have Bluetooth connectivity. Given how small this device is, Xiaomi didn’t bother with a proper box, the package is made of a transparent plastic. Looking through the front, you can see the audio receiver sitting in a cardboard frame. The receiver itself weighs only 10 grams (0.02 pounds) the device