Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver


The Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is a device that allows any sound device such as headphones, speakers, amplifiers, etc to have Bluetooth connectivity. Given how small this device is, Xiaomi didn’t bother with a proper box, the package is made of a transparent plastic. Looking through the front, you can see the audio receiver sitting in a cardboard frame.

The receiver itself weighs only 10 grams (0.02 pounds) the device build quality is top notch as usual from Xiaomi. It is using solid polycarbonate plastic as housing and metal clip. Loaded with one multi-function button and LED light indicator. and Xiaomi has a built-in 97mAh Li-ion battery that can last up to 5 hours playing time. It charges via Micro USB, supports Bluetooth 4.2, and should work with any 3.5mm headphone — although Xiaomi notes that the receiver doesn’t support Apple’s MFi headset features, so you won’t be able to use things like integrated volume buttons on your headphones if you’re using Xiaomi’s receiver with an iPhone. By the way, it supports earphones with microphone and volume control.

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is very compact (5.9 cm * 1.35 cm) and pretty sleek looking due to the glossy white finish. The main button, which controls everything, and the status LED take place on the front. The top and bottom feature the 3.5mm headphone jack and micro USB connectors, respectively. The back features a clip that is matte white and has the Xiaomi logo printed on it, which I must say has an excellent quality is quite resistant and can be used on multiple surfaces, it is definitely one of the best things of this device.

Holding down the main button for a couple of seconds turns the device on, which then tries to connect to a Bluetooth device. If unsuccessful, it enters pairing mode and is discoverable by the name “Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver”. Once connected, holding down the main button for 3 seconds puts it back into pairing mode. To turn the receiver off, hold down the main button for 5 seconds. By the way, Mandarin voice output follows all actions, in a similar fashion to some of Xiaomi’s Bluetooth speakers.

Calls can be received wirelessly as well if your headphones have a built-in mic. Controlling music on the device works just like on Xiaomi’s earphones: single press to play/pause, double press to skip forward and triple press to skip backward. Notwithstanding, your headphones’ own remote controls will work perfectly as well as if they were directly connected to your phone.

Audio quality is a lot better than I expected, it’s, in fact, great and loudness is decent too. The sound it’s really outstanding and has a great volume output which is outstanding for such a compact device. Bluetooth range and penetration are also adequate, the connection handled over 10 meters of distance and two walls at home very well. No complaints about stability either, cut-outs rarely happen, even at distances or low battery life.

Battery life is indeed just over 4 hours (of playback), as the specs say. When the battery is running low, the status LED is flashing red and a Chinese voice notification reminds you every few minutes to put the device in charge. It takes 1.5-2 hours to fully charge up the battery and there’s no problem with constantly having the device in charge, according to mi.com.

This device ’s great for watching movies on tablet and playing games on a smartphone. In addition, it supports Multi-point technology which enables you to connect 2 devices thanks to Bluetooth 4.2. This gives you the option to connect both your tablet and phone at the same time. As for the multi-function button, you can use it to play/pause songs, select a next and previous track. And the 3.5mm port, you can turn your car AUX port into Bluetooth one with it. Just connecting the short AUX cable between them will do. By the way, Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver does not have built-in volume control and microphone. But you can control volume if your earphones/headphones have it. Same apply to the microphone.

How to use the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver

With the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver powered off, press and hold the button for 5 seconds to turn it on and release it when the LED flashes blue and red rapidly. This puts it into Bluetooth discoverable mode.

The LED indicator on the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver should be flashing.

On the phone, connect to the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver named “Mi Bluetooth Audio Receiver “.

Should it request for pairing PIN, enter “0000” (without the quotes)

The pairing should be successful.

To pair it with a second device, simply hold the button for 3 seconds while the Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is powered on.

To forget all Bluetooth pairings, consecutively press the button 5 times.

What use can this device be given?

Well, to give an example, when I am going to work in my car, there is a travel time of 40 minutes. I like to go with my Spotify listening to music, but my earphones do not have a Bluetooth connection and I’m sick of breaking the mini Jack cables. Thanks to this gadget I can send the audio to my mobile phone to my car’s sound system and thus bring System of a Dawn rumbling by Bluetooth in my car, I love this!

Another practical example: Many times, I find myself in the same room as my parents, but they are reading and I want to watch a series on Netflix. I connect the receiver in this case to my headphones and with the Xiaomi audio receiver, I connect to the headphones through the Bluetooth receiver. So, I see my series on the dining room sofa with my Bluetooth headphones without disturbing my parents.

Final thoughts

The Xiaomi Bluetooth Audio Receiver is an excellent device in my opinion. Audio quality is satisfactory, the range is marvelous and battery life is sufficient. It’s compact and light to carry around and totally worth the price.

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