Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 1st Generation


Xiaomi’s interest in the appliance segment is evident, and now its new product arrives on the market: a robot vacuum cleaner that reminds us a lot of the well-known Roomba but that tries to offer its own differential characteristics.

The Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum stands out, for example, for its high level of interaction with the mobile phone. The Xiaomi Mi Vacuum robot, like most Xiaomi products, allows you to interact and manage it remotely from your mobile phone whenever you have previously installed your application in the terminal, thus being able to monitor your activity, program it, turn it off, select or change the cleaning program, as if it was a complete remote control. The Xiaomi cleaning robot has its own design, although this type of device maintains the same rounded style, Xiaomi is committed to a more original base, but above all seeks to differentiate itself from other similar devices through the innovative technology that it incorporates.

The design of both the robot vacuum cleaner and its base continues to demonstrate the attention to detail that Xiaomi tries to show even inheriting the product lines of the competition. They also try to stand out in their interior technology, and the vacuum cleaner can provide an air pressure of 1,800 Pa to achieve a suction power as high as possible without that implies a great noise thanks to the engine with NIDEC technology.

The robot has 12 sensors, including a Laser Distance Sensor (LDS) that is a kind of a “little brother” of the laser guidance systems of autonomous cars. These sensors allow you to adjust the brushing speed, from the typical 130 rotations per second to 330 rotations per second when necessary. The battery of 5.200 mAh allows equipping the Mi Robot Vacuum of 2.5 hours of autonomy, when the device detects that it is running out of battery it returns to its base to recharge itself automatically. This cleaning robot is equipped with three different processors, these allow you to better calculate cleaning routes, as well as avoid objects to avoid crashing. It is a robot capable of cleaning more and better, in less time and with less noise than much more expensive models of the market, being able to overcome obstacles, make a precise plan of the cleaning area and avoid passing twice by the same site for a complete cleaning.

To control all this process the vacuum cleaner has three dedicated processors: an Allwinner R16 ARM Cortex quad-core, a coprocessor STMicroelectronics and another image processor from Texas Instruments for the LDS sensor. These processors allow you to calculate the best routes for cleaning. The price of the Mi Robot Vacuum is 1,699 yuan, which in turn represent less than 230 euros at the current exchange rate. At the moment Xiaomi will sell it only in China, so we’ll have to wait and see if the company decides to market it outside of China’s borders.

My personal experience

For a long time, I had the certainty that Xiaomi would end up taking out an intelligent vacuum cleaner for its range of Mi Home devices, it was something that I sensed and why not say, that I was really looking forward to.

Of course, I could not afford not to try the My Robot Vacuum and I assure you that the verbal fight with my partner lasted several weeks until I managed to convince her. I think the first thing that catches your attention when it arrives or when you see it in photos, videos, etc. is its white color, the same one that uses the entire range of Xiaomi home devices.

Then I noticed the absence of buttons, only one that is double and complies with the main functions.

  • Press both buttons for 3 seconds to restart the WiFi.

  • 1 pressing the power button starts cleaning.

  • 1 press on the home button, pause cleaning.

  • 1 press on house button with paused cleaning, send the robot to the charging base

The absence of buttons is because everything can be done from the My Home app, an app that truly completes this product greatly; although it can still improve, it has very interesting options, for example, the mapping of the house, knowing at all times where it has already cleaned, where it is, how long it has been cleaning, the square meters cleaned or how much battery it has left.

Really if it were not for the app, this smart vacuum from Xiaomi would lose much of its grace and I do not want to say that the vacuum cleaner does not clean well, much less, it does his work with care.

For the record, I can tell you that my house its about 90 square meters, that subtracting the areas where the robot cannot pass, for example, beds, sofas, furniture, etc. It remains according to the measurement of the vacuum cleaner in 58 square meters, it takes about 1 hour to clean it. When you put it into operation it seems the plane turbine picking up speed, it is curious how it is increasing revolutions little by little, it leaves its load base and with its 12 different sensors, it goes scrutinizing every corner of the house.

When it detects that it is approaching an obstacle, it slows down to pass as close as possible, trying not to hit the object with force, then it is completely pulled up until the front sensor notices the contact and backs up.

If by some chance the vacuum cleaner runs out of battery, nothing would happen, it would go back to its load base and once it was recharged it would resume the cleaning where it left it; remember that the mapping that makes our home is practically perfect so you know every inch you have cleaned.

Logically, not everything is good. First, I would highlight something very important and it is the absence of spare parts at the moment, right now it is not possible to get them, although they are already listed in the app and soon we will see them in stores. Also, note that the robot comes without any spare parts in the box. Nor are included the typical virtual walls to delimit the space to be cleaned, however, if it is possible to buy them already in some stores, for example, Gearbest or Geekbuying.

In this aspect I wonder why they do not implement the option of virtual walls via the app, given that the robot makes a very accurate mapping of our house, it would be possible to tell you which rooms we want to clean and which ones do not.

To finish with the section of cons, at least I have not seen any other at the moment, it must be said that the material of the front bumper does not get along very well with the metals, so it is possible that you begin to see small scratches. It is also true that the white color of the robot helps disguise the war wounds that our indefatigable cleaning robot will suffer.

Overall the robot fulfills an excellent function and is available at an affordable price, without a doubt it is a great implement for our home.

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